Consulting & Corporate Strategy

Development & Resourcing Director – Herts or London

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We’re looking for a candidate to fill this position in an exciting company.

  • Create a clear, systematic, structured and holistic L&D plan
  • Design, implement and reinforce interventions to support informal learning, such as coaching and mentoring, on-the-job instruction, leadership shadowing and action-based learning
  • Embrace new digital technology and apply creative tech solutions to L&D
  • Conduct L&D gap analysis and implement individualised learning pathways
  • Improve the resourcing process such that it is clear, systematic, and structured
  • Leverage knowledge and understanding of HEOR and Access projects to ensure that the right people are resourced to the right projects at the right time.
  • Manage and oversee effective forecasting (short-, mid- and long-term) and use this to plan and manage resources
  • Analyse and deliver on KPIs for which resourcing, and L&D have a direct impact – e.g. utilisation, learning, leading to change in efficiency, customer satisfaction etc.
  • Manage a team of project administrators, responsible for providing administrative support on projects
  • Extensive relevant professional experience, and at leadership experience within a L&D and/or resourcing capacity
  • Experience of working in a management consulting environment with knowledge of consultancy-based L&D and resourcing requirements
  • Experience developing and implementing standards & processes
  • Outstanding knowledge and hands on experience/specific training in client’s key service areas
  • Experience of recruiting, motivating, managing and developing a team
  • Experience analysing company performance and providing solutions to company issues

Employment Type Permanent

Advertiser Type Agency