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General Manager

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  • Overseeing Operations: A general manager oversees the daily operations of all the catering activities within the venue/s they manage.
  • Innovation: To be financially viable, a general manager must create new menu items, food concepts & trends that reflect innovation. They must be able to drive team members to contribute in this area.
  • Direction: All catering teams are under the general manager. The general manager must have experience in a wide range of HR procedures and be capable of implementing these professionally and legally. Performance reviews and the ability to drive large and small teams are also vital in this position.
  • Cultivating Business: Since responsible for culinary arts, general managers consider the needs and desires of the customers and their teams.
  • Purchasing: Executive chefs/coffee shop managers are responsible for ordering ingredients and maintaining necessary inventory, however this is to be monitored by the general manager. Meeting and liaising with suppliers and assisting in the negotiating of pricing with the head of culinary services.
  • Training and Education: Executive chefs/coffee shop managers hire, train, and educate new staff. Train & develop all catering teams as well as leading and guiding any apprentices. This again is under the supervision of the general manager.
  • Creativity: To be successful and competitive a GM must be creative and innovative. Consistently driving new ideas, concepts and constantly looking for better or more efficient ways of working. A GM leads this and works independently with limited guidance and instruction. A general manager drives creativity as part of there team’s DNA and encourages others at all times.
  • Decision Making: Catering is a fast-paced environment, and a general manager needs to be able to make tough decisions regarding food and service very quickly. They constantly need to show a balanced approached considering all aspects of the catering operations from kitchen, coffee shop, vending and external catering services. Building solid, capable and energised teams is a must for this role.
  • Motivation: A general manager always motivates the catering teams to ensure an excellent experience for all guests, clients and customers. They are self-motivated with the ability to inspire and motivate others. They lead from the front and have an acute understanding of all areas within the THG estate. An ability to think outside the box and deliver services on time, efficiently and creatively is essential for this position.
  • Organisation: It is necessary that all kitchen, catering & service areas are both clean and organised. All relevant health & safety, food safety and team welfare paperwork, policies and procedures must be adhered to. This role requires an ability to meet tight timelines and a high level of personal time management skill is required to be able to deliver this challenging work schedule. Delegation and leadership capabilities are also vital in this managerial position.

Employment Type Permanent

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