Hgv Class 2 Moffett Driver

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We are looking for between 5-8 HGV Classs 2 drivers who can also drive a Moffett Truck.
You need to have atleast 1 years experience driving a Moffett Truck and 2 years Driving a Class 2.
For this contract aslong as you are a good wokrer this client wil be able to keep ongoing and potentionally take you on as a permanent driver if they really like you.
The start time is 06:00 and you will wokr between 8-10 hours a day sometimes less but you will be guarenteed 8 hours.
You will do between 1-3 runs with the amount of drops can vary.
If you are interested in this Job please feel free to call me on the number located below or fly me a email and we can discuss this position further

Employment Type Contract

Advertiser Type Agency