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As a kitchen attendant crew member/assistant – you will effectively be the engine room of the food outlet. Your job is to ensure that the outlet is clean and operational, you will also be involved in putting together the ingredients and making sure that the food is prepared & packed as per the customer orders,so it’s a great stepping stone to progressing towards the role of a chef in the future. You will also be responsible to ensure all your duties are completed in a timely manner, ensuring compliance with all food, health and safety regulations.

Kitchen Assistants will perform duties such as but not limited to: all cleaning, washing, and preparation of food items. They will diligently follow the process from accepting orders from the tablets to cooking the orders and packing the food up with complete diligence. Portion the food as per order & measurement.

Cook the meat as per instructions & temperature. Pack the food as per order & double-check to make sure you got it right. Place the packed food in the hot bags and the ticket of the order in the pouch of the hot bag. Disinfect and clean the area before and after work. Follow all the instructions given by the store manager. Double-check the orders before handing them to the delivery drivers. Cleaning the kitchen appliances after use. You should have a sound knowledge of food health & safety regulations. Training will be provided on Food Hygiene and Health and Safety regulations.

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