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Main Purpose of Job:
To assist in all matters relating to technical and safety aspects of the Daytona’s engineering facility. To ensure that karts are available to meet the needs of the business to the standards required.
To ensure that at all times the job holder has a full awareness of the company’s customer care goals and to use their best endeavors to ensure they are implemented through their own actions and attitude, by example, entering into the team spirit, having a smiling and polite manner, and anticipating customer’s requirements.
General Responsibilities
* To ensure that the appropriate maintenance and repairs are carried out on the Kart fleet.
* To ensure that all Karts are maintained to manufacturers specification or an internal specification (if set).
* To ensure that the correct number of Karts are present at the required location or activity in a clean and serviceable condition as determined by the needs of the business.
* To ensure that the post-holder carries out their duties to the very best of their ability so that high standards of safety, cleanliness and tidiness are achieved.
* To ensure an efficient use of time and resource in order to operate to the highest level.
* To ensure the post-holder provides a safe and smooth service to all activity operations seven days per week.
* To ensure that the post-holder complies with all its contractual obligations with any manufacturer supplier of vehicles or other components.
To be aware of the Daytona Company Health and Safety policy compliance is always maintained.
* To ensure that the team shift system is operational ensuring that every member of the team does an equal amount of early/late shifts
* To ensure the workshop is clean, safe and properly maintained at all times.
* To ensure that all worksheets and company records are completed in an accurate and timely manner and is updated as the work is completed.
* To ensure that any paperwork is processed in accordance with the correct procedures and completed neatly and accurately to ensure that due diligence practices are complied with.
* To assist in the operation of the stores system and be responsible for keeping stock up to a minimum level in order to maintain the vehicles.
* To participate in a duty rota that ensures that a member of the Engineering Team is always on site when there is any on or off-track activity. In addition, the rota will reflect the need for early starts and late finishes as required by the needs of the business.
* To assist with the maintenance of the venue to ensure that this is maintained to the highest standards.
* To ensure that all equipment and machinery provided for your use is:
– used as per the manufacturers instructions;
– used in conjunction with the appropriate safety clothing/protection;
– stored in a safe place when not in use;
– maintained on a regular basis with faults reported immediately to the Head of Engineering Manager

Employment Type Permanent

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