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I am keen to speak with Network Engineers who are able to flexible with travelling to different sites.

Alongside the network cutover, the programme has a requirement to undertake site business assessments of the phase 3 sites – to determine the site make-up, in terms of types of devices and also other elements, such as large screen presentations and integration with peripherals. This is to ensure that existing IT has no issues working with the new modern desktop solution – and where there may be issues the deployment and transition team know of any issues prior to the site of deployment.


Each team has a set of tasks to get to DAY ZERO (site deployment) and these need mapping out and tracking. The team is also responsible for live support – so it may involve responding to Incidents / Service tasks – and working with engineering teams on this. In each team there will be 1 x Delivery Manager and 2 x Engineers. All of the team members will be expected to be able to complete onsite work – and write up reports. We will be assessing if we can confidently run some cutovers remotely – but at this time the assumption is the team needs to be onsite, to manage any operational issues.

Frequency of travel. Working in a team of 3, and with one person undertaking the onsite work – we expect this to vary from 1 to 2 days per week (rotation). However, the team may organise their plan where one person may want to take on more prisons one week, especially if they are geographically located close to one another.

Expenses – yes, travel and subsistence is covered. It can include overnight stays – where needed.

Prison (environment)
This work will involve prison working, inside the wire. An escort will be provided (with keys) and part of the day may also involve working with Prison On-site support. You will be walking the operational areas of a prison – and will mix and speak to staff. You could also be walking amongst prison inmates.


Prepared to flexibly travel in England and Wales (note – there are not many sites in Wales). Overnight stays are likely
Strong soft skills, working within a multi agency program with non technical prison staff
Intermediate networking knowledge – DHCP and network subnetting topologies
Ability to setup DHCP device (printer) network configurations
Powershell and Excel – used to produce reports
Bash scripting is used to pre-process data feeds

Agile Delivery experience
Support and analytical skills for day zero, on site, problem resolution.
Please email your CV to (url removed). I will then be sure to send a full description and follow up with a telephone call

Employment Type Contract

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