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Tooling Technician (Tool Prep.)

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Tooling Technician (Prep)
Job Description
1. Complete all tool prep’s and de-prep’s to a high standard.
2. Complete minor and major tool repairs as per the TIR schedule.
3. Complete tool services and cleaning as per the schedule
4. Ensure all tools are labelled and stored correctly
5. Support the NPI process by reporting new tooling issues in prep
6. Complete tool overhauls and services, e.g. re-securing cavities, re-drilling and re-tapping damaged or stripped bolts and adding core vents etc.
7. Maintain all equipment including gun refurbishment, receiver frames, spray frames, Enstats, bead pipes, airlines and backloading frames.
8. Conduct monthly stock checks and advise of any shortages.
9. Communicate all issues and keep all departments informed of all activities.
10. Assist with training in tool prep
11. Have the ability to complete all tool fits and insert changes safely and to a high standard in the required time in order to support when necessary.
12. Have the ability to setup a machine and understand our process
1. Complete a tooling report sheet and place it in the report tray for the tool supervisor every time you experience any issues or have recommended improvements, also give feedback on report sheet.
2. Complete job sheets
3. Complete all tooling paperwork, fill in the rating systems and report any issues.
4. Follow 5s procedures at the start and during your shift.
5. Complete 1 major improvement every month and assist with general improvements
6. Assist with Tool fitting & Tool prep operations including gun maintenance etc.
7. Follow the production plan daily for tool fit times and the order of which to do the preps in.
8. Complete combi-lift checks.
1. Follow all safety procedures and wear PPE.
2. Report all safety issues.
3. Take part in keeping yourself and others working safe at all times
4. Makes sure you and everyone around you are following all safety rules, from lock out tag out to wearing PPE etc.
5. Ensure you always lock out machines and that you are trained on equipment before using it.
1. Complete any 5’s reports
2. Complete housekeeping as requeste
Complete a handover with the previous and oncoming shift and pass on any issues.
Working Hours
3 shifts rotating – 6am-2pm, 10pm – 6am, 2pm – 10pm

Employment Type Permanent

Advertiser Type Agency